A drunk Ukrainian woman went on a racist rant and kicked passengers, as cabin crew members tried to calm her down during a flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Kiev, Ukraine.

The unidentified woman had reportedly drunk a bottle of whiskey, bought at a duty free shop at the airport before departing for Kiev, despite being warned by the cabin crew not to finish the entire bottle during the flight. At some point during the journey, the woman launched a foul-mouthed, racist tirade against “foreigners” on the plane, including a Chinese man, who changed seats to escape her abuses.

A video of the incident, recorded by one of the passengers present on the flight at the time, showed the woman cursing the cabin crew as well as her fellow passengers, before standing up on her seat and kicking people on the plane. Two male passengers dressed in black were seen trying to calm her down. One of them could be seen punching the woman as the violence escalated, while the second was seen restraining her from behind as she continued to physically attack the passenger sitting in front of her.

“It was terrifying, nasty and scary,” said one anonymous female passenger who witnessed the incident, the Sun reported.

As shocked passengers watched the woman behave aggressively on the flight, at least three cabin crew members got involved, trying to get her to sit back down on her seat. The flight attendant who received the most praise for trying to diffuse the situation was Lidiya Polyanskaya, a former TV presenter.

“When the stewardess Lidiya Polyanskaya said in her professional TV presenter's voice 'Now you calm down!' – even I calmed down,” another unidentified passenger said.

In fact, Polyanskaya handled the situation so well that her colleagues at her former employment, ATR TV channel, joked she should consider going back to her presenter's job. “Ha-ha, I am already thinking about it,” she replied.

After the plane landed in Kiev, the woman was escorted off the plane. It was not immediately clear if any charges were filed against her.

According to the onboard policies of Ukraine International Airlines, passengers were forbidden from creating “situations that threaten flight safety, life, health and personal dignity of other passengers and crew,” “show disrespect or aggression toward flight crews or passengers, or to behave in a threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly way” or “consume drugs or other substances causing intoxication.”

It was not known in which airline the incident happened or when. The video surfaced online Monday.

Last week, a drunk Aeroflot passenger reportedly attacked the pilots of the aircraft and broke the leg of a flight attendant before getting arrested. Maxim Pashnin, 36, a plumber from Chelyabinsk, Russia, faces up to six years in jail after he was charged with air hooliganism and violence against law enforcement officers.

A plane is pictured at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, on June 13, 2018. Daniel Roland /AFP/Getty Images