An drunken man charged an elephant in a new YouTube video. Reuters

A drunken man charged an elephant in South Africa and taunted the animal, before walking away unharmed. The Internet, meanwhile, is up in arms about the man’s cruel act. While he was lucky the elephant didn’t trample him to death, it would have been best to leave the animal alone.

The YouTube video titled “Drunk Man Charges A Wild Elephant” has had nearly 350 thousand views since being posted on Saturday by “Kruger Sightings” who had another 82 videos posted to the site. They gave the video the following description: “An Absolute disgrace. Such behavior is not allowed and should never be done. 
This was taken in Kruger.”

Kruger National Park, where the video was reportedly filmed, is located in South African provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. It’s one of the largest game reserves in Africa, spanning more than 7,500 square miles.

In the video the man is encouraged by one of his friends to "run at" the elephant. He gets within yards of the animal before turning around, but when he notices the elephant doesn't attack, he gets up and flails his arms and legs at it.

Michael Casey commented that he didn’t see what everyone was so upset about. “I guess I'm on the minority side of who cares. He didn't physically hurt the elephant. Much worse comes to these creatures in Africa with constant poaching, yet only now people here show false sympathy for the elephant when some random drunkard chases it. So again what's the issue here.”

But not everyone shares the same sentiment. “He is so lucky, i would have loved to see that elephant whoop his ass,” D3ATHcrush wrote.

The park where the video was supposedly filmed did not immediately respond to IBTimes for comment.