• Marcelo Rocha Santos, 51, was drinking with his friend at the beach
  • The shark tore off his arm and bit a chunk of flesh out of his leg
  • At least 12 shark attacks have taken place at the same location on the beach

A man was viciously mauled to death by a shark Saturday after he walked into the sea off a Brazilian beach in a drunken state to urinate.

Marcelo Rocha Santos, 51, was drinking with his friend at the Piedade Beach in the Brazilian city of Jaboatao dos Guararapes before the tragic incident took place, reported.

Santos reportedly walked into the sea at approximately 2 p.m. ET when the shark leaped out of the water and attacked him. Edriano Gomez, an eyewitness, told the outlet that at the time Santos entered the water, the weather was cloudy and the sea had begun to storm, a weather type that invigorates shark activity.

"It was my friend who was at sea with the attacked man. Suddenly he saw the man suffering. There was a lot of blood in the water," Gomez said to

Ademir Sebastiao da Silva, another eyewitness, said Santos and his friend went into the sea to pee because there was no toilet in the vicinity. “I was next to him with water up to my waist,” he told the outlet.

Santos’ mutilated remains washed ashore after the attack and photographs taken by bystanders showed the shark had torn off one of his arms and bitten off a large chunk of flesh out of his leg.

The man's body, with no vital signs, was taken to a hospital in the neighboring city of Recife where the doctors confirmed his death, according to the publication.

At least 12 shark attacks have previously taken place at the location on the beach where Santos died. A lifeguard who was on duty at the time of the attack was unable to save the man, reported

While there were various caution signs at the beach warning people not to enter the water, the lifeguards reportedly did not ask the men to come out of the water as they only went as deep as the waist.

Though it wasn’t clear which type of shark attacked the man, experts suspect it to be a bull shark or a tiger shark, the outlet reported.

Representation. A shark. Pixabay