A drunk English man nearly missed being crushed to death by a railway train, new police video footage showed.

Derek Acton, 44, managed to walk away from a near-death experience Oct. 28, 2017 after closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage unveiled Friday by the British Transport Police (BTP) showed him hopping off the station's platform to instead stand on the train tracks. Acton, thereafter, walked across the railway tracks seconds before an oncoming train pulled into the station. Shortly after this, he maneuvered back to the station's platform.

Acton's conduct reportedly cost the Network Rail £11,700 in delay compensation, which amounts to approximately $14,000 in U.S. dollars.

"Quite frankly, Acton is lucky to be alive," Steve Webster, a BTP Inspector, told Evening Standard. "In his intoxicated state, he climbed down onto the tracks and lay in the path of a fast approaching train. His actions were baffling."

"I hope Acton sticks to his community order and the alcohol abstinence requirement. Hopefully, he will steer clear of the tracks and avoid being involved in another near miss," Webster added.

Paramedics arrived at the scene, and he reportedly needed no further medical attention as he was unharmed, the Daily Mail reported. However, Acton was charged Monday with one count of railway obstruction. He was also required to abstain from alcohol for 60 days, given a 12-month community service order and made to pay a £570 fine, which amounts to about $700 in the United States.

"The railway is an extremely dangerous place to trespass," Webster said to the Evening Standard. "Every year my officers are called to tragic incidents where someone has died or seriously injured as a result of being hit by a train. Please remember to stay off the tracks and away from danger."

Acton isn't the only person to have suffered a near-death experience by a railway train in recent months. A 31-year-old man was left in critical condition Feb. 2 after suffering a seizure on the station's platform, which resulted in him falling onto railway tracks as a Manhattan-bound train pulled in. In January, a young woman was also run over by a Manhattan-bound train after fainting onto the tracks as the train arrived at the station.

A drunk man was seen in police video footage nearly escaping death by railway train at speed. Here, a subway train is pictured June 4, 2016. Pixabay