"19 Kids and Counting"
The Duggar family of TLC's hit reality series "19 Kids and Counting." TLC

Ahead of Christmas Day, the Duggar family of TLC’s reality series “19 Kids and Counting” shared a look at their holiday plans. In a video posted on People magazine’s website, the Arkansas brood showed fans their home at Christmas time. And the most surprising reveal of all: why they don’t have Christmas tree.

Michelle and Jim Bob’s eldest son, Josh Duggar, 26, led the video by giving a tour around his childhood home. In the video, Jana, 24, can be seen working on sending out Christmas cards while Jinger, 21, and Joy, 17, put together care packages for their neighbors.

“We’re spreading that Christmas spirit to people,” Josh said of the gifts. “That’s really what Christmas is about, is giving, so we want to make sure that’s the central focus of all that.”

And of course, what would a Duggar holiday celebration be without a lot of food? In line with their Thanksgiving feast, the family has plans to, once again, utilize their in-home buffet. While its unknown what the Duggars will be feasting on this holiday, Josh revealed cookies are definitely on the menu. Unfortauntely for Jedadidah, 15, and Jason, 14, they're on kitchen cleanup duty.

One thing absent from the Duggar household is a Christmas tree. It will come as no surprise to fans of the “19 Kids and Counting” family that religion is the reason. “Well, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday,” Michelle explained. “So we have a big happy birthday Jesus banner, and Christ is born and peace on earth [banner], and we really try to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.”

There used to be a Christmas in the Duggar household this year, Josh revealed. “Well I know when we were growing up there was a big tree and all that,” he said. “Now, I know we knocked it over several times and all kinds of things.”

To close out the video, the clan came together to sing a holiday song. In the clip, Josh is joined by his pregnant wife, Anna. Newlywed Duggar daughters, Jessa, 22, and Jill, 23, -- baby bump and all-- were also present to sing “Joy To The World.”

One activity not seen in the People tour is the family’s tradition of Christmas caroling. On Tuesday, the Duggars posted a video of them singing “Away in a Manger” with close friends on their official Facebook page. “Caroling is one of my favorite Christmas activities. What a pleasant surprise for neighbors to brave the cold and serenade you with a Christmas carol!” reads Michelle and Jim Bob’s latest post. “Last night, we had a fun time going out with the Query and Wissmann families Christmas caroling.”

“19 Kids and Counting” returns to TLC in early 2015. Check out a sneak peek of Season 9 here.