"19 Kids and Counting"
Jill Duggar, center, poses with her sisters, from left, Joy-Anna, Jana, Jessa and Jinger in a scene from Season 9 of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.” TLC

Free Jinger! As “19 Kids and Counting” viewers watch Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest daughters walk down the aisle, some fans of the TLC series have started a movement to get the couple's sixth-born, Jinger, away from the Independent Baptist clan.

According to the voice behind the movement, FreeGinger.org, Jinger, 20, one of the family’s more outspoken members, should flee the Duggar family’s Tonitown, Arkansas, home instead of following in her older siblings' footsteps by marrying and bearing children. While some have slammed the site for gossiping about the popular reality-TV family, the group claims they’re simply keeping on eye on what they consider to be oppressive behavior toward women and a “dangerous religious movement.”

“Jinger is one of the middle Duggar daughters, and the only one who shows a spark of life. If anyone is going to break out of the Duggar Borg, our money is on Jinger,” reads the site’s FAQ page. “One theory is that she resents her name being misspelled just so her family could keep their J streak going.”

The “Growing Up Duggar" co-author, aspiring photographer and longtime TLC reality star previously expressed her desire to move during a scene of “19 Kids and Counting.” In the clip, her sisters Jana, 24, Jill, 23, and Jessa, 21, talked about their ideal future husbands, while Jinger only shared her desire to relocate.

“Probably for Jinger, she might do good with like a visionary, spunky person,” Jill said.

“She doesn’t want to live three hours out from civilization,” Jessa clarified.

“OK, city please!” Jinger said. “I’d be OK anywhere but city would be awesome.”

Unfortunately for Jinger, her mother did not approve. “Jinger didn’t mean she wanted to move to New York City,” Michelle told Radar Online in 2013. “She meant that she wants to live closer to a city. We’re talking right near a city, but not New York City. Jinger meant she wants to live 15 minutes from a Walmart. We live so far out of town on 20 acres, but Jinger wants to live closer to town, so she doesn’t have to drive so far to go shopping.”

According to the mom of 19, her daughter, known by viewers for having a spunky personality and affinity for track pants, had permission to visit her eldest brother, Josh, 26, and his family in Washington, D.C., but relocating to the East Coast was out of the question.

“New York City is way above what we would ever consider a city where she should move!” Michelle said.

While the site has been around since 2005 (and also discusses more about the Duggars than just Jinger), the latest episodes of “19 Kids and Counting,” which have featured Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard, and Jessa Duggar’s engagement to Ben Seewald, seem to have refueled an interest in their efforts. Some viewers have recently taken to Twitter to express their desire to see Jinger flee the Duggar nest using the hashtag #FreeJinger.

“19 Kids and Counting” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.