• Lindsay Arnold said commenting on a person's mom and parenting style is "never going to be OK"
  • The "DWTS" pro urged those who don't want to see her social media posts to just unfollow her
  • Arnold said moms need to feel confident instead of people constantly telling them they are doing something wrong

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Lindsay Arnold has a message for those who have been criticizing her parenting style.

Arnold has broken her silence after receiving criticism on social media over how she is raising her and husband Sam Cusick’s 2-month-old daughter, Sage. While promoting her "Move With Linds" program, she told Us Weekly Thursday that "it’s not OK, and it’s never going to be OK to comment on somebody else’s mom and parenting style."

"I did that in hopes, first of all, because yeah — for my sanity," Arnold continued, before addressing her critics, "If you don’t like what I do and what I’m posting about and you’re sick of the posts or you think I’m annoying, then don’t follow me. That’s your choice, you don’t have to follow me."

Instead of finding fault with other people's parenting, Arnold encouraged everyone to "lift each other up" and "be supportive." She also suggested that those who have nothing kind to say should just refrain from leaving nasty comments.

"More than anything, I said something because I want those people who believe that they can sit at their house and comment on other people and try to tear other people down just to know that it’s not OK," the "So You Think You Can Dance" alum said.

She continued, "We need to be loving. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, then just keep your mouth shut. [That] is kinda my mentality right now.”

Arnold gave birth to her daughter via cesarean section in November. Sage is her first child with Cusick, whom she wed in 2015. The professional ballroom dancer documented her pregnancy as a first-time mom, but according to Arnold, her posts would always receive hate comments from online trolls. Due to her experience, she stands firm against mom-shamers.

"[It’s] important for moms to feel confident, and the last thing you need is somebody telling you that you’re doing something wrong or that you’re not being a good enough mom, or commenting on your parenting technique or style, because everyone is different," she explained.

"Every baby is different," Arnold continued. "We already put enough pressure on ourselves as moms to be perfect and to be that perfect mom for our child, that we don’t need somebody else telling us that we’re not perfect. We don’t need that."

Meanwhile, Arnold received flak last week after she and Cusick took their baby on vacation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She took to her Instagram Stories to clap back at the naysayers, saying she was "over it."

"I am FAR from perfect -- believe me, you don’t need to remind me of that -- but why don’t we use our energy and words to be encouraging, instead of always looking for the negative and finding things to criticize?" Arnold wrote, before adding in another slide, "Let's just be positive and kind to everyone."

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