Dying LIght 2 - Doom easter egg2
The hidden altar that leads to the secret Doom easter egg in Dying Light 2 Dying Light 2


  • The "Doom" Easter egg is hidden below the VNC Tower
  • Players must first collect five black ducks hidden around Villedor
  • The Easter egg features the original "Doom's" first mission

Deep below "Dying Light 2's" Villedor is a hidden basement area with a strange occult theme. This room pays homage to id Software's "Doom" series, and it comes complete with demonic symbols and an entire level from the original 1993 FPS game.

There's more to this area than just the tribute to one of gaming's most iconic titles, though. There are a few other hidden Easter egg weapons that can only be obtained by getting to this room. The way to the aptly-named "Doom Room" is rather straightforward, but it does require some progress into the "Dying Light 2's" main campaign.

How to get to the "Doom" level

First, players will have to finish enough story missions in order to reach the city proper and unlock the VNC Tower's elevator. This can be done by finishing the "Broadcast" quest by the mid-point of the game's campaign.

"Broadcast" is a rather lengthy mission that involves climbing to the top of the VNC Tower. Finishing it will unlock the elevator in the lobby, which can then be used to go down to the basement.

Dying LIght 2 - Doom easter egg
The door that leads to Level 0's elevator in Dying Light 2's VNC Tower Dying Light 2

Upon reaching the basement, go back through the flooded segment from the "Broadcast" mission again (the one with the power cable puzzle) and emerge on the other side, where a door with a broken window can be found. Go through this door and enter the hidden elevator at the end of the hallway.

"Doom" Level Puzzle

To enter the actual "Doom" Easter egg level, players must collect five black rubber ducks from the open world and bring them to each of the tables inside the hidden basement. These ducks are very easy to miss, but u/DaddyPockets at Reddit has marked the approximate location of each for the community's convenience.

After the ducks are collected, go back to the hidden basement and place them all on the five tables surrounding the center of the room. Then, connect each power cable in the room to its appropriate slot. There will be a sound that indicates if a cable is placed in the right socket, and they should all form a pentagram pattern once the process is done.

This will cause the Ka Doom Shotgun Easter egg weapon to spawn and send players straight to "Doom's" E1M1 level.

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