In an effort to improve the diet of Australian kids, Avocado growers have just launched eat-healthy kits funded by the government for early childhood educators to encourage and promote healthier eating habits among 3 to 5 years old.

The colorful fruits and vegetable kit called My Colorful Veggies and Fruit is created to provide carers with the right information to mould a better eating preference among kids and build a solid base for healthy eating habits.

The focus is naturally on green plant foods and avocado which are loaded with dietary fibres and very little sugar.

According to Shelley Woodrow, author and childhood educator, it is very critical children are taught the importance of healthy nutrition starting from a young age.

She stated that 70 per cent of food habits are established by three years old.

Early childhood centers will be provided with the eat-healthy kit, and it highly recommends letting children consume small pieces of fruits and veggies before building it up to a full serving, and also creating positive meal-time environment that allows for talks about the food served.

It also promotes stimulation through imagination, by listening to songs and reading books about healthy food, and helping in the preparation of meal by peeling and scrubbing vegetables.