Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Reuters

This is new. It is absolutely like regular nights when fans generally scream out and cheer Lady Gaga's name, desperate to get close enough to touch her.

What happened on Monday night was nothing less than a shocking incident.

The singer had eggs thrown at her as she tried to leave the ARQ night club in Sydney, Australia, after a night of partying, a dailymail report said.

Well hats off to the composed lady, as she maintained her composure in spite of the 'sticky' situation and calmly walked towards her car, wearing a big smile on her face, accompanied by a team of bodyguards.

However, a man in the crowd was in fact hit by an egg.

According to the report, the Italian- American singer was dressed up in a risqué black leather outfit which left little to the imagination as she spent the night bar-hopping in the Australian city.

Someone threw eggs at Gaga, as she made her way through the crowd.

Earlier in the night, Gaga had surprised the night clubbers when she slipped into an eccentric leather Iris van Herpen dress and lace shroud.

But certainly, she shocked them further when hours later she moved onto another top gay club, the Arq, wearing a two-piece bikini that barely covered her rear.

It was a surprise performance at The Arq in Sydney on Monday night.

Leaving hardly anything for imagination, the Madonna-inspired gold embellished ensemble appeared to cover up the singer more than normal at the front, but as she turned around she gave audiences an eyeful of her curvaceous derrière, the report said.

Gaga certainly mixed around with the crowd, and got pretty close and personal with male dancers.

Before leaving for the parties, Gaga had mentioned in her Twitter account, hints of the places she was heading to.

Gaga's surprise appearance at the clubs came after she was named honorary citizen of Sydney for supporting the gay and lesbian community.