Eira Maghuyop, a 14-year-old student from The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, N.Y., committed suicide on Tuesday night in a move police say is linked to reports that she was being bullied at school. Eira Maghuyop died at her home in Yonkers.

The Ursuline School held a meeting over Eira Maghuyop's suicide, and said that it was told by the Yonkers Police Department of what transpired, according to New Rochelle Talk. The police department asked The Ursuline School to provide some information about Eira Maghuyop, such as her day and her general state of mind. Maghuyop's parents said that she appeared to have a normal day, and even layed out her clothes for the next day.

Eira Maghuyop left a note explaining her reasons for committing suicide, and though the note was not released, her parents told New Rochelle Talk that the note mentioned bullying as a reason, but there was a specific incident listed, though they did not say what that was.

The Ursuline School has a grief counselor on hand to help students, and said that students have posted messages of support all over Eira Maghuyop's locker. The school is also held a meeting for parents to discuss what exactly happened and what is being done to help Eira Maghuyop's family. They also fielded questions from parents.

Eira Maghuyop, who posted actively to her Tumblr site, received outpouring of support from people on Tumblr wishing her peace and asking others stop bullying with messages such as May angels lead you in: R.I.P. Eira Maghuyop - STOP BULLYING, from Tumblr user headphonesandeyeliner, and I'm still shaking with rage as I type these words down and I'm all over the internet, searching for the pieces that formed this horrifying puzzle. I only pray for her family, especially her parents and to her friends. It will definitely take time before I let this one go. This is just too much. Something must be done, from user eibeibei.

The Ursuline School declined comment, according to New Rochelle Talk.