Natalie Dormer as Moriarty
“Elementary” Season 5 executive producer Rob Doherty revealed that the return of a “very familiar face” is in the works. Could it be Natalie Dormer's Moriarty, Ophelia Lovibond's Kitty or Rhys Ifans' Mycroft? CBS

A fan-favorite “Elementary” character might be returning to the Brownstone this fall.

Series executive producer Rob Doherty recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the return of a “very familiar face” is in the works. “We are working on bringing back a beloved member of the ‘Elementary’ family. The odds are quite good,” he said.

While Doherty wouldn’t reveal the identity of the potential returnee, the executive producer might be referring to one of the three characters below:

1. Moriarty

Though mentioned a few times during the past two seasons of the series, Moriarty (Natalie Dormer) has not been seen since the twelfth episode of Season 2 due to Dormer’s busy work schedule. But since Dormer’s “Game of Thrones” character has already been killed off in the recently concluded Season 6 of the HBO series, the 34-year-old actress might already have some time to return to “Elementary.”

Dormer, however, has been working on other projects as well. "I reached out to Natalie recently because I did have some ideas and was hoping we'd be able to see her towards the end of the Season [4]. But she is acting in a movie [titled ‘In Darkness’] that she co-wrote," Doherty told TVLine last November. "She is a friend of the show, for sure, and we love having her around. So at the moment, the odds are slim, but the door is not shut."

During the show's New York Comic Con panel that same month, Doherty also talked about his continued negotiation with the actress to bring her back to the show.

“Natalie has proven to be as elusive as Moriarty,” Entertainment Weekly quoted Doherty as saying. “Actually, we had the opportunity to talk a few weeks ago, to discuss a few possible scenarios for a return ... but it presents obviously some logistical problems for us. But we'll stay in touch and see what we can cook up.”

Jonny Lee Miller, who plays Sherlock on the series, added: “We shoot this show all year anyway, so when [Dormer] stops working, we'll still be working.”

2. Kitty

A lot of fans were saddened when Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond) jetted back to London at the end of Season 3’s twelfth episode. During her 12-episode story arc, Kitty had become one of the most developed characters on the show — and the viewers’ reactions to her departure clearly showed that they want to see more of her. Will the show bring her back to please the fans?

3. Mycroft

At the New York Comic Con last November, Doherty said (via IGN) that they were “aggressively pursuing” a reunion between Sherlock, his brother Mycroft (Rhys Ifans) and their dad Morland (John Noble) in Season 4.

“That's something all of us would love to see,” he said at the time. "I would love to see the three Holmes men together. In particular, it would be great to have Mycroft back because it doesn't just present stories and complications for Sherlock and Morland. Joan [Lucy Liu] [also] shares a complex history with the man as well.”

For some reason, however, that plan didn’t materialize last season. So perhaps, the show is trying to make that happen in the upcoming installment.

Which of the three characters would you like to see return in Season 5? Sound off in the comments below!

“Elementary” Season 5 premieres on Sunday, Oct. 2, at 10 p.m. on CBS.