Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk penned an op-ed in China's Cyberspace Administration's monthly magazine, laying out his vision of a world "driven by the power of technology."

In the essay published Saturday titled "Believing in Technology for a Better Future," translated by Yang Liu in his substack, Beijing Channel, Musk writes about the evolution of technology. He believes that technological advancement "may one day surpass human understanding and control."

In the the op-ed, Musk says his goals, and those of his companies, are focused on "enhancing the future of human life." Tesla will help the world transition to sustainable energy, Neuralink will advance medicine, and SpaceX will look for breakthroughs in space.

Musk believes the longer humanity waits to transition to sustainable energy, the more the environment and humanity are at risk.

"Solar energy will become the main source of energy for human civilization," he predicted. "Eventually, the world economy will be run entirely by sustainable energy sources."

However, Musk has even bigger plans beyond sustainable energy. With a Westworld-like imagination, Musk sees a future where Tesla Bots "replace people in repetitive . . . and dangerous tasks."

Musk's vision is for these robots to "serve millions of households" doing mundane tasks and "caring for the elderly." He also reiterated that Tesla plans to launch its first humanoid robot this year.

"It is foreseeable that with the power of robots, we will create an era of an extreme abundance of goods and services, where everyone can live a life of abundance. Perhaps the only scarcity that will exist in the future is for us to create ourselves as humans," he wrote.

Musk's other goals include using Neuralink technology to cure certain mental disabilities. He also sees a world where such technologies can improve "depression, obesity, sleep problems, and underlying schizophrenia."

His focus is also on space, where his "greatest hope is that humans create a self-sustaining city on Mars," he wrote. Musk believes humans can avoid extinction by becoming interplanetary species. Previously, Musk has talked about his goal of helping to increase the human population since declining birth rates began.

Musk's essay may put him in the good graces of the Chinese Communist Party. However, some believe that Musk's attempts to get close to the CCP may put his interests in conflict with those of the U.S., according to Sky News.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk attends the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory groundbreaking ceremony in Shanghai