Emma Watson
Emma Watson turns 27 today and still had plenty to look forward to in her career. Here, she’s pictured at the New York screening of “Beauty and the Beast” on March 13, 2017. Getty Images

She’s been a big player when it comes to movies since she was a young teenager starring as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” movies. Getting older hasn’t slowed Emma Watson down one bit when it comes to success though.

Watson, who turns 27 today, is still basking in the major success of her role as Belle in Disney’s recent live adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast,” which became a smash success that has already passed $1 billion at the box office. While most actresses would probably take a well-deserved break though, Watson is nowhere near finished with work in 2017. Here are three things to expect from her in the coming year.

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“The Circle”

Watson is known for her roles in adaptations—in addition to “Beauty and the Beast” and “Harry Potter,” she’s also starred in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” That tradition continues with “The Circle,” loosely based off of a novel by Dave Eggers. In it, Watson plays Mae, a woman who gets a job in a technology firm and becomes involved with a mysterious older man. It also stars Tom Hanks, and hits theaters April 28.

Possibly A Search For An Academy Award Caliber Role

Though she is in high demand as an actress with her box office success, one thing still eludes Watson—the all-powerful Academy Award. Winning one would cement her status as an A-list actress and allow her to demand even higher paychecks for every film role she takes. Had she not taken on the role of Belle, she could have had her chance as the original lead in “La La Land.” She backed out and the role went to Emma Stone instead. Stone did go on to win the Oscar for the role. Watson would have a decent chance at a win in the right role. Of the last ten actresses to win the Best Actress Oscar, six were under 35 years old when they won, meaning the trend has leaned heavily on rewarding younger talent and first-time nominees.

More Work Promoting HeForShe and Other Feminist Causes

When Watson isn’t making movies, she’s taking on feminist causes and serves as a spokeswoman for all gender equality. Expect her to continue working on these initiatives and making them a prime focus as the year continues.