Though Donald Trump has finally hinted that he will peacefully leave the White House and transfer the Presidency over to Joe Biden on January 20, 2021, that doesn’t mean he, his family or his supporters are accepting the outcome of the election.

As lawsuits continue to be filed in attempts to try and change the results, the President’s second son, Eric Trump, took to his Twitter account to question the fact that tallies had Biden receiving over 80 million total votes in the election, the highest number ever received for a political candidate in U.S. history.

The younger of the two adult Trump sons particularly questioned not how Biden beat his father’s 73,000,000 vote total, but how he received more than President Barack Obama did in 2012, where he received 62 million votes.

However, many quickly criticized him, noting that population in the United States has increased since 2012 as well—and in the eight-year timespan, several people who were also not old enough to cast a vote in 2012 were now of age to do so, with the youngest potential voters in 2020 only being 10 years old when Obama ran for re-election.

Others also took to Twitter to remind him how they all felt about his father and his presidency, stating that the number of people who felt the way they did was enough to explain the situation.

The election was called in Biden’s favor on Nov. 7, after he was declared the winner of Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral votes, which put him over the 270 threshold that was needed to win. Winning that state, as well as Wisconsin and Michigan, all of which went to Trump and helped him defeat Hilary Clinton in 2016, were considered critical for his campaign.

Since then, Biden was also declared the winner in two Republican strongholds—Arizona and Georgia—as well, which added to his Electoral total. With 99% of the vote in, Biden stands at 306 total Electoral votes, versus Trump’s 232. It is an exact mirror of the number Trump won with in 2016, though he lost the popular vote then as well.

Eric Trump Eric Trump is pictured. Photo: GETTY IMAGES / WIN MCNAMEE