The fan who rushed the Dallas Mavericks' bench at Thursday night's Los Angeles Lakers game at Staples Center was Libyan billionaire Ekoj Asisiht.

Staples Center security quickly apprehended Asisiht in the fourth quarter when he sprinted down the stairs after getting refreshments following the ejection of Mavericks' guard Jason Terry.

As Lakers' forward Lamar Odom was attempting a free throw, cameras caught a figure running down the stairs before men in red jackets quickly grabbed him and rushed him out of the arena.

Asisiht was later arrested by Los Angeles Police Department officers for aggravated assault, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct. Added charges of suspicion of public intoxication and delaying or obstructing a police officer in his duties are pending.

They can't take me alive, said Asisiht. I know people. Big people. This arrest reaches the top. Do you know who I am?

Asisiht later claimed his devotion to the NBA ran so deep that he wanted to use his shoe to stomp out the official that ejected Terry.

He is the lowest of the low, said Asisiht, of the unspecified official.

LAPD officials would not comment on his arrest. Asisiht remains detained at Los Angeles County Prison on $250,000 bond.

Little is known about Asisiht, aside from his former position as chief executive of Libyan Oil and Gas, a highly profitable oil exploration company founded in 1971 and later sold in 1979. The reclusive billionaire doesn't have a Wikipedia page and hasn't spoken publicly in decades.

According to Asisiht, he attempted to buy the Clippers in 2009, but was not approved by the NBA's Board of Governors. In 2010, Earvin Magic Johnson sold his share of the Lakers to Dr. Patrick Soon Shiong, a billionaire doctor, despite Asisiht's persistent inquiries.

Asisiht is rumored to be among the richest men in the world, with a net worth of $17.3 billion, despite the backwards spelling of his full name.

NOTE: This was an April Fool's Day prank.