Shiba Inu's Shibarium From LucieSHIB/Official Twitter account

The Shiba ecosystem and Bad Idea (BAD), the new AI token partner of Shibarium, have rejected an offer of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that was previously reported to have short-changed and mistreated BONE holders.

For some Shib Armies aware of what really happened, the most recent event where a representative of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Biconomy approached the Shiba Inu team because they had a business with Bad Idea was "karma" served.

One of the members of the Shibarium Tech and Bad Idea Discord, who is among the victims of the exchange's seemingly unprofessional and shady way of running the platform and dealing with its customers back then, informed others of the exchange's reputation and shared with them an article from the International Business Times published almost a year ago, which featured the complaints of the users and the response of Biconomy.

International Business Times once again reached out to one of the victims who uses the Twitter handle @Maximus Darwin and is currently a moderator in Shibarium Tech discord and Bad Idea AI discord.

According to Max, Biconomy reached out through the official Discord of Bad Idea and was accommodated, which is why the exchange made a support ticket, asking for a collaboration and listing.

"I saw the request in our support tickets, and immediately I raised the red flag," Max said, adding that he shared IBT's "Biconomy article with the team" and "explained the situation."

Max said he "explained to the team they did the same many times, for many tokens," and "engaged in those shady activities, first with Shib, then Bone." He added that the exchange is trying to do the same thing again with Bad Idea's AI token.

After flagging the request and informing the team about his experience with Biconomy, Bad Idea rejected the exchange's request and will no longer consider listing Biconomy, Max told IBT.

"I don't feel hate, I move forward, I let it all for karma to solve, and I will not worry," Max said, adding that he feels "good" doing what he can to help the community and shield the members from "getting scammed," believing that even "just a heads' up is good enough to alert the community."

A Shiba Ecosystem and Shibarium Tech marketing specialist who uses the Twitter handle @LucieSHIB was the first to post about the incident on Twitter. She explained that the refusal to collaborate with the exchange is because the team, both Shiba Inu and Bad Idea, care for their community and users.

"We don't care about pumping our bags and getting $Bad listed everywhere, but we also care about our investors not getting rugged," she tweeted.

"Please remember that it's not just about promoting the token everywhere, but also prioritizing safety. While we appreciate seeing Shibarium partner Bad Idea listed in various places, it's crucial to avoid scammy platforms that deceive and rug investors," she told International Business Times.

"At Shibarium, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our community. We want to ensure that your investments are protected and that you can trust the projects we associate with. We value transparency and integrity above all else," she added.