A new heatwave could see some states contending with temperatures well over 100 degrees in the coming days.

A large swath of the South has dealt with a dangerous heatwave that has stretched from Central Texas to Northern Florida and as far north as Southern Illinois. Tuesday’s heat index has placed most of these states well over 100 degrees, with some areas facing temperatures over 110 degrees.

Southern California and the Southwest can also expect scorching heat over the next few days, with warnings already issued to allow people to prepare properly. Palm Springs, California, will face the most heat, with temperatures predicted to top 116 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures in Phoenix are expected to reach 113 degrees.

The new heatwave comes on top of the heavy rainfall and storms that the Midwest has had to contend with all summer. St. Louis has already had record rainfall, with 2.68 inches recorded in a single day of rain and caused flooding throughout the city.

The rainfall has continued through Tuesday morning and is expected to continue on through the rest of the day.

However, there is still concern of possible flooding and heavy winds that could damage areas of the Midwest before moving on. Once it does, the Mid-Atlantic is next up to receive heavy rainfall in the coming days along with potential tornado threats.