A California town was rocked on Thursday afternoon when a military vehicle suffered a technical failure and crashed into a warehouse in Perris.

The F-16 fighter jet was going through a routine takeoff at March Air Reserve Base when there was a technical problem shortly after takeoff, forcing the pilot to bail out. Maj. Perry Covington, who serves as the base’s director of public affairs, says the pilot was able to eject safely before the jet crashed. After bailing, the jet crashed into a See Water, Inc. warehouse through the building’s roof.

“We hear the jets fly over, but this one kept getting louder and louder,” Jon Godoy, who works at the warehouse, told the media. “All of a sudden, it came through the roof. It was terrible. As soon as I saw the fire, I turned around and I told my co-worker ‘We have to get out of here.'”

Debris was scattered all over the warehouse, with several people being struck as a result. The fighter pilot and 12 warehouse workers were brought to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Authorities are also looking further into the cause of the crash, though currently, a base spokesperson has said the F-16's hydraulic failure was likely the cause.

The FAA has issued a flight restriction on the area for hazardous materials until Friday evening.