Facebook is accused of accessing text messages of its users but the company has denied the charge by stating that it does not read the content and that the report is misleading.

It was reported by the Sunday Times that Facebook is accessing text message data and other personal information by using smartphone apps. The newspaper has stated that Facebook admitted to reading users' text messages during a test of its own messaging service.

However, the spokesperson of Facebook has given a reply to ZDnet that the company's Android app contains no reading of user text messages.

The company has stated that the permission to read does exist since it has undertaken some testing of products, which will be requiring short message service to communicate with the Facebook app.

At the same time, Facebook has said it hasn't made any such features available to the public.

It is reported that Android and iPhone users are susceptible to possible invasion of privacy. It is claimed that some applications can intercept phone calls and remotely access a smartphone's camera without the user's knowledge.

Adding to the problem is the fact that Google does not have any strict terms and conditions for submitting application. So it is highly possible that there could be applications which have been developed for the sole purpose of downloading private information.

It is clear that privacy concerns are going to increase with the social networks like Facebook becoming an integral part of the life of netizens.