Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg REUTERS

FaceMash.com, a website made by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg during his student days at Harvard University that landed him in trouble, was sold at an auction last week for slightly more than $30,000, media reports said.

According to an online posting in Flippa, a domain name auction service, the website drew 10 bids with the top bidder offering $30,201 for FaceMash.com.

However, the buyer of web address remained a secret last week. But, Flippa said it wasn’t anyone from Facebook or Sony Pictures which made The Social Network film.

When Zuckerberg made a FaceMash.com website as a Harvard student in 2003, people could compare pictures of coeds at the college and rate which one was hotter.

FaceMash.com became an instant sensation but was soon shutdown by University administrators, unhappy with the stunt.

Subsequently, he dropped out of Harvard and founded Facebook in 2004.

Social networking site Facebook has attracted more than 500 million users and FaceMash has been cited as an inspiration for the site, which made Zuckerberg a celebrity billionaire.