Facebook appears to be gearing up for the launch of new premium ads, according to leaked documents that surfaced late last week. The advertisements will be released Wednesday, according to GigaOm, which happens to be the day Facebook is holding a special marketing event in New York City called fMC.

The leaked documents reveal that the new Facebook premium advertisements will include several social characteristics such as revealing users' friends that have liked the advertiser. The ads will pull content from an advertiser's Facebook Page updates rather than requiring separate copy to be written.

The new premium ads are created like this: First, a brand will choose from one of six Facebook Page updates options, including text, photo, video, link, question or event--basically all the updates that are available now. The update will appear in the News Feed of anyone that has liked the company.

An advertisement will be created from the specified update. It will show information about who in your social network likes the brand. Users can like or comment on the advertisement, which will automatically be integrated on the brand's Facebook Page.

The leaked document includes specifications for each type of post including text limit (capped at 90 characters with accompanying media; 150 if it's only a text update) as well as the size of each thumbnail that will accompany an ad.

The document ends with suggestions about posts.

Ads with rich media are larger and more engaging than plain text ads, says the document. Whenever you want to share a message on your Page, consider using related pictures or videos to make your message stand out.

It also suggests that brands use Facebook Pages to engage potential customers: Ask your fans and customers for their ideas and feedback. Create Questions posts or ask questions in the text of your posts. Boost them as Premium Ads and Featured Stories to reach more people and get them talking to and about your business.

To see the entire document click here.