For those who want to party hard on New Year's Eve without forgetting to wish their loved ones a Happy New Year on Facebook, the social media giant has a solution.

Facebook is making it possible for its users to automatically post “Happy New Year” messages as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

It describes the Midnight Message Delivery feature as: “Wish friends a happy new year with a private message that will be delivered to their Facebook inbox at midnight Dec. 31.”

But is Midnight Message Delivery thoughtful, or just impersonal?

Users simply go to the Facebook Stories page and select the people they want to send the message to. Only 10 people can be chosen at first, but after a while FB users can return to the page and select another 10 recipients.

Instead of having to interrupt their NYE festivities to turn to their computers or phones to write their best wishes, people have the whole task already done for them, thanks to Facebook.

Twitter users seemed divided on the merits of Midnight Message Delivery.

Those who tweeted about the NYE message were mostly just asking others what they thought.

‏@EthelLariviere asked, “Will you take advantage of Midnight Message Delivery?”

Others seemed put off by the idea right away and posted that the Midnight NYE message was nothing other than a quick way to spam friends on Facebook.

@social_m_tweep wrote, “Facebook Spam Everyone You Know a 'Happy New Year' Message Right at Midnight on January 1.”

Automated messages for the holidays are new, and depending on how many FB users decide to take advantage of it, it could become one of the prominent features of Facebook.