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The family of Kate Middleton's nurse, who died of suicide following a prank call, spoke up after five years. Pictured: The family of Kate Middleton's nurse who died of suicide due to prank call spoke up after five years. Pictured: during a tour of a traditional German market in the Central Square on day 2 of their official visit to Germany on July 20, 2017 in Heidelberg, Germany. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

The family members of Kate Middleton's late nurse, who passed away five years ago following a prank call, have opened up about her death.

On Dec. 7, 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge's nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, committed suicide three days after two Australian radio DJs pranked her. Mel Greig and Michael Christian impersonated Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles to get confidential details about Middleton's pregnancy. She was expecting Prince George at the time. The call was recorded and broadcast, Fox News reported.

Five years later, Saldanha's children are now opening up about their late mother and how they coped with her death. According to Janice Pinto, they are still grieving, but what she misses most is her mom's daily call. She revealed that everyday at 6 p.m., Saldanha would call her just to check on her.

"She would call me every day to check up," Janice, 20, told Who magazine. "To say, 'How are you doing? How was your day? How was school?' I sometimes imagine when I'm around my friends that she'd be calling today at six. That phone call is what I miss every day. That's one of the hardest things."

Janice added that their mom's death was even harder on her brother, Junal, because he stayed back for a year and did not attend university at the same time as his friends. "I felt that I could have dropped out of uni at any moment with the amount of stress we had to deal with," Junal, 21, confessed. "But it's just been a case of having to keep going. Keep going for her."

Janice also revealed that the family did not celebrate Christmas for three years after Saldanha died. In 2016, things got better as they had Christmas dinner and gave presents to each other. "Hopefully each year it will get better, but obviously we will remember Mum, too," she said.

Junal and Janice are doing their best for their late mom. Janice added that she wants to be like her mother and that Saldanha is "an amazing woman and an inspiration every day."

Saldanha committed suicide after the radio prank call was broadcast and Prince Charles joked about it. The DJs, who said they meant no harm with the prank call, issued an apology after the incident. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also released a statement saying that they were "deeply saddened" by Saldanha's death.

Prince William also wrote a letter to her family following her death. "We were both very shocked to hear about Jacintha, and have been thinking a lot about her recently. Many of the nurses in the hospital spoke highly of her and I'm sure you know how great a nurse she was," he wrote, as quoted by People.