Five fans were removed from Tuesday night's Miami Marlins game for hanging banners, which were in support of former President Donald Trump and the far-right Proud Boys group.

The signs at LoanDepot Park read, “Trump Won” and “Proud Boys did nothing wrong." Inside the circle of the Proud Boys sign was a note that read, "Free all political prisoners," along with the date of the Capitol riots, "1/6/21." 

A Marlins' spokesperson told a Miami NBC affiliate that “it was unclear how the people were able to get the banners into the stadium as the ballpark's policy also requires the use of clear bags.”

Banners that exceed a certain size are not permitted in the stadium and all banners that are permitted must be baseball-related. 



There was a similar banner displayed Monday at a Boston Red Sox game. A pro-Trump banner hung from the outfield at Fenway Park that read “Trump Won, Save America.”



The banners come as many pro-Trump supporters believe he won the 2020 presidential election. A Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll in mid-May found that 53% of Republicans believe Trump is the “true president.”  Fifty-six percent of Republicans falsely believe the November election was tainted by illegal voting.

President Joe Biden in November 2020 won the electoral college vote, 306-232, and the popular vote by 7 million votes.