BTS Suga "7" tattoo
Screenshot from BTS' Suga's Wveerse live. BTS/ Weverse


  • Local media outlets said a stampede occurred at a subway station in Seoul
  • A group of BTS fans screamed after Suga revealed his "7" tattoo on Weverse
  • A "gas smell" reportedly started the subway chaos

BTS member Suga finally unveiled where his "7" matching tattoo is located, sparking excited reactions from fans. But such excitement seemingly caused chaos in Seoul.

On Sunday, the 30-year-old South Korean rapper went live on Weverse to thank fans — known as ARMYs — for attending the encore leg of his "D-Day" world tour called "The Final" at the KSPO Dome in South Korea from Aug. 4 to 6.

After countless requests on the live stream's comments section, Suga showed his "7" tattoo again — the matching tattoo he got with his fellow BTS members — located on his left shoulder, which he first publicly unveiled during the last day of his concert.

Following the revelation, fans couldn't contain their excitement. Some reportedly screamed inside a subway train, and the gesture allegedly led to an unfortunate disaster. The screaming fans got accused of causing panic in the area since their yells came amid the stabbing incidents in the country.

According to earlier local media reports, chaos erupted on Line 9 — a trail heading toward Sinnonhyeon Station, and the Seoul fire department received several reports from passengers, claiming different things that could have caused the issue. Some claimed they smelled something "strange" inside the train. Others alleged a "rioter" was inside the station. However, there were people blaming the screaming fans for sparking fear among commuters.

When the train stopped, a stampede ensued among the passengers as they hurried to flee the scene. Seven people were reported to have suffered abrasions and bruises, and six of them were brought to a nearby hospital for immediate care.

After the riot, some alleged that the screams from fans during Suga's livestream terrified people on the premises. A video uploaded by Twitter user @meeoee88 showed fans screaming inside the train as they watched the "Daechwita" hitmaker's broadcast.

The user captioned the post, "It's not a knife attack at Sinnonhyeon Station, but BTS Suga revealed his tattoo on a live broadcast after the concert, and the groupies who were returning home screamed..."

On the other hand, Korea's SBS reported that the stampede occurred after passengers started to complain about the "smell of gas," prompting everyone to quickly exit the station.

An unidentified passenger told local authorities, "There [was] a strange smell. People [were] running and falling."

After authorities checked the scene, they didn't find anything of concern. They then left the area and focused on attending to the injured passengers, according to the outlet.

Meanwhile, a social media user with the handle @egcaniza, who seemed to be involved in the viral screaming video, gave an explanation of what happened that night, debunking the claims that the screams from fans caused the stampede.

The user clarified that the incident did not happen on the same train and that a "gas smell" caused the chaos that went viral. According to the user, they were at the Sports Complex at around 8:35 p.m., which was still a few stops away from Sinnonhyeon Station, where the incident occurred at around 8:36 p.m.

The user then apologized for "being loud" in public and said the statement was meant to clarify the confusion since some social media users started sending them hateful comments.

BTS member Suga during "D-Day" in Seoul.