New “Fear the Walking Dead” showrunner Andrew Chambliss has teased what fans can expect from Lennie James’ Morgan Jones in Season 4 of the AMC series.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chambliss said that the new season of “Fear the Walking Dead” will continue Morgan’s “The Walking Dead” journey.

“As Morgan Jones steps into the world of ‘FTWD,’ he’ll be continuing the journey he began on ‘The Walking Dead’ way back in the pilot,” said Chambliss, who is a big Morgan fan. “[My fellow showrunner] Ian [Goldberg] and I were huge fans of the character when Lennie James first brought him to life back then [on ‘The Walking Dead’], again when he returned in Season 3, and finally when he became a series regular in Season 6.”

Chambliss said that their goal for Morgan in the new season of “Fear the Walking Dead” is to take the character to places he hasn’t been before.

“When we first met Lennie, he impressed upon us how much he cared about the character and how important it was to him for us to take Morgan to places we hadn’t seen before,” Chambliss shared. “It’s been a great challenge to set for ourselves, and it’s what we hope to do with the character — to push Morgan to places he could only get by coming into contact with the characters on ‘Fear.’ They’ll change him. And, at the same time, he’ll change them.”

James’ move to “Fear the Walking Dead” was announced in Season 7, episode 6 of “Talking Dead,” in which the actor appeared as a surprise guest.

While a lot of fans think that James’ Morgan will appear in just one or two episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead,” sources told Entertainment Weekly that Morgan is actually a series regular in Season 4.

Although news of James’ transition to “Fear the Walking Dead” was revealed ahead of his exit from “The Walking Dead,” viewers still have a lot to look forward to about his character in the remaining episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 8.

“Even though Morgan is going to be featured on ‘Fear,’ he still has a lot of story left on ‘The Walking Dead,’” Gimple said via a statement read by Hardwick. “Morgan’s arc on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 positioned him for the story on ‘Fear.’ It was also important to see ‘Fear’s’ world and characters through new yet familiar eyes.”

“The Walking Dead” Season 8 returns on Sunday, Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC, while a premiere date for “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 4 has yet to be set.