Colman Domingo as Strand, Kim Dickens as Madison
“Fear the Walking Dead” star Colman Domingo said that he and Kim Dickens were both excited to film Season 3, episode 10 after a long of time of not working together. AMC

Madison and Strand were finally reunited in Season 3, episode 10 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” and according to Colman Domingo, filming the episode also served as a reunion between him and Kim Dickens, who he hadn’t shared a scene with since the Season 2 finale.

“We had completely separate storylines all season, so we couldn’t wait to finally come together after 10 episodes,” Domingo said in a recent interview with AMC. “We heard it was a possibility, but we didn’t know [for sure].”

“I think our characters as well as who we are as humans are echoing each other,” Domingo continued. “Colman was just as excited to see Kim as Strand (Domingo) was to see Madison (Dickens). I had no idea what was going on at the ranch — and I didn’t want to know. When I would read scripts, I would just read my storyline. So, when I met up with Kim, anything that she told me was brand new. I love working with Kim. We have a natural sense of playing together and discovery of the work.”

Showrunner Dave Erickson admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he “missed” seeing Madison and Strand together. “It’s fantastic,” Erickson said of reconnecting the pair. “There’s something about the way that Colman and Kim play together which is special. Obviously they’re friends and they get along really well behind the camera, but there’s a connection when they’re in front of it. It’s a go-to relationship, and there’s something of a love affair between the two of them, and a friendship which may or may not be compromised as we move forward. But that was long overdue and I’m glad we were able to reconnect them.”

In an interview with Digital Spy ahead of the midseason premiere, Domingo explained why he thinks fans love seeing Madison and Strand together. “I think [that’s] because they’re both very strong characters with deep convictions, and they’re both badasses in their own way. But I think that when they’re paired up, they’re able to really balance each other in a great way. So I think that that’s why audiences look forward to Madison and Strand coming together.”

“Also, it’s really complex, and I think that people are recognizing that it’s a very unusual relationship that we see between a man and a woman on television,” Domingo added. “It's not strictly romantic. I feel like there’s many tensions. There can be sexual tension. There can be tensions about intelligence, about heart and wit, because they see each other, and they play with what's underneath. I think they admire one another a lot.”

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