British comedian Mona Yousefi wants to be the next Sacha Baron Cohen. The writer and star of “Going Native” plays three international characters on BBC Three that have been compared to Ali G and Borat.

Yousefi creates the awkward situations and laugh-out-loud moments similar to Baron Cohen, who as the Daily Beast points out can’t continue his brand of comedy because he’s too well-known.

Right now, Yousefi doesn’t have that problem. “Going Native” features three characters: rich Russian divorcee Natascha Leboushkin, Middle Eastern entrepreneur Tallah Khosravian and Japanese blogger Wakana Fukui.

Yousefi has gone to great lengths to hide the fact that her characters are just that. There’s a Twitter account and even an official website for Tallah, which greets visitors with, “You are most velcome to outstay your velcome…. SHUT YR FACE.”

The “Latest News” section of the website includes a link to the “serious documentary” about Tallah, which is actually a clip from “Going Native.” Tallah griped about BBC Three making her “share airtime with these two foreginers,” referring to Natascha and Wakana.

Yousefi’s Natascha character explains that she has arrived in the United Kingdom, because “I hear pre-nups are less common in the UK than elsewhere in Europe.

“The allowance from my ex-husbands go a lot further here,” she said about how the global recession isn’t hitting the area as hard as the rest of the continent. “I can buy entire Chanel collection rather than having to pick and choose -- it’s less stressful that way.”

The Natascha clip, which you can view below, involves her attempted to get out of community service for racking up 2,000 pounds worth of parking tickets:

Wakana, who describes her favorite English food as “Indian and Chinese,” cracks audiences up by rattling off a minutes-long shout-out during an appearance on BBC Radio. View the clip below:

Tallah tries to get her foot in the business world, and laughs ensue when she tries to learn how to make business connections. Watch how things turn out:

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