Anonymous has called for a "National Day of Rage" Thursday in 37 cities. Reuters

Anonymous, the "hacktivist collective" made up of thousands of members around the world, has announced a "National Day of Rage" to protest the response of Ferguson police following the Mike Brown shooting. The protest will take place on Thursday in 37 cities across the U.S.

"With each passing day, more people around the world are discovering the atrocities that are occurring in Ferguson," Anonymous said in a video announcement released Tuesday. "With the cold-blooded death of Mike Brown, and the subsequent violence towards demonstrators, we, not only as members of Anonymous but members of humanity, have grown restless for change and justice."

Anonymous initially inserted itself into the Ferguson conflict several days after the shooting by demanding that the local police identify the police officer who shot Brown. The collective later released the name of an individual they claimed was responsible for the shooting, but that information proved incorrect. Police eventually revealed the shooter was Officer Darren Wilson, 28.

Gabriella Coleman, an anthropologist who has studied Annoymous, said members debated whether to release the name of the person they identified. After several cyberattacks briefly shut down the St. Louis County Police Department, @TheAnonMessage was suspended by Twitter.

Anonymous' "Day of Rage" is aimed at raising awareness about police brutality in Ferguson and beyond.