Highway patrol will take over security in Ferguson. Reuters

The state highway patrol was put in charge of security in Ferguson, Missouri, by Gov. Jay Nixon, the Wall Street Journal wrote Thursday. The governor hopes to control the nightly protests that have occurred since an unarmed teen was shot and killed by a police officer.

Tension and violence has escalated in Ferguson between authorities and protesters, where tear gas and rubber bullets were used on crowds. "Lately it has looked a little more like a war zone -- and that's unacceptable," Nixon said, according to the Wall Street Journal.

When Michael Brown, 18, was shot, people began to protest peacefully, but the harmony in Ferguson did not last. Windows were broken, buildings were burned, businesses were looted and police armed with shields and helmets dispersed crowds with tear gas.

The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily restricted the airspace 3,000 feet above the ground over the embattled suburb on Tuesday. The brief ban was not about blocking media, but originally implemented to keep police and first responders safe, according to a tweet from STLToday.com reporter Joel Currier.

There are conflicting reports surrounding Brown’s death. Witnesses claimed the officer, whose name had not yet been released, while his hands were in the air, shot Brown. Ferguson authorities claim Brown lunged for the officer’s gun and was subsequently shot.

President Barack Obama said there was no excuse for violence against police and called Brown’s death a heartbreaking loss.

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