FIFA 12 electronic arts

“FIFA 12”, as always, is one of the most popular games of the year. Like every year, it has enjoyed an extensive sales record with Football fanatics grabbing their copy of the game as soon as it hit the stands. However, this doesn’t mean that the game is free of any glitches or bugs. Now you may wonder what’s new about bugs as every game in the market has a few problems. The answer is simple. The glitches in FIFA are pretty weird for the gamer.

Let’s have a look at the top eight glitches and bugs that have been found so far.

Paranormal Activity – This is one of those weird glitches that EA needs to address. In this one, the players suddenly float in the air with their legs twisted. Remember the scene from the movie “The Exorcist” where Regan (the possessed little girl) comes down the stairs of her house like a human spider with her body twisted? Well. Something like this also happens over here as the players (one of whom is Milan’s Kevin Prince Boateng) suddenly fight for the wall with their lower part of the body rotating fully at 360 degrees! It’s very weird.

Love is in the glitch (Part 1) – The next one is somewhat okay but crazy nonetheless. The glitch is actually because of a faulty Impact Engine that makes it look disturbingly funny for the gamer who is engrossed in the game. The video here has Pique of Barcelona clashing with Mathieu Valbuena of Marseille. The faulty Impact Engine creates such a weird scene in the field that it is better to be seen than to actually write about it. Wonder if Shakira has seen the video?

Break-Dancing Players – This one is absolutely hilarious! Featuring Robin van Persie of Arsenal and Milan’s Taye Taiwo, the Dutchman produces an absolutely classic break-dance move that could actually put professionals to shame. Again the faulty Impact Engine comes into play here. When Taiwo makes a sliding tackle on RVP, the Gunners’ captain falls with an absolutely amazing dance move rotating himself on his head. This one has brought as much joy as irritation for FIFA fanatics all over the globe.

Funny Xavi – This one is unpardonable. The glitch shows Barcelona’s Xavi making a weird fall while try to control the ball at his feet. Now this may sound commonplace in the game as well as in real life, but the fall is no way usual in the next million years. It is as if Xavi’s legs were tied with an invisible rope and he just fell. Watch the video and you’ll understand just what I mean.

Love is in the glitch (Part 2) – This one, particularly, made headlines all over the planet and garnered quite a number of views on YouTube. The problematic Impact Engine on FIFA 12 fails to stop Andy Carroll of Liverpool from kissing Gunners’ goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski in front of the Arsenal goal after the Englishman managed to score. Over the weeks, its video on YouTube has witnessed enormous amounts funny and hilarious comments. One such comment was “FAKE!, andy carroll can't score goals...” by PrivateAkendiz.

Through the Nets – This one may be the most common glitch that has been carried forward by the FIFA franchise in every edition of the game. The glitch shows a player going right through the net in his attempt to score a goal. Although he does score, the goalkeeper basically pushes him through the net.

Bend it like Bender – This probably has to be the most unique and hilarious of all FIFA 12 glitches. When Sven Bender of Borussia Dortmund collides with Iniesta of Barcelona, the Spaniard, apparently, proves too much a competition for Borussia’s German midfielder and takes a fall in the wackiest of ways, twisting and turning like, it will be safe to say, a ballet dancer. Watch it.

Messi is Invincible – We all know what Barca’s Lionel Messi is capable of doing on field against rival teams. Well, now he can do even more. Apparently, this glitch shows how Messi can conquer the field when he is only on one leg. Messi’s left leg in the video is awkwardly twisted and he moves around with it with no problems whatsoever. It has been now successfully proved by EA that Lionel Messi is God.