As expected, EA announced and revealed more details about “FIFA 19” during its conference on the first day of E3 2018. Below are the three takeaways from the game’s announcement.

“FIFA 19” is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Given that “FIFA 18” was launched on Nintendo’s relatively new gaming device, it’s just right for its sequel to head to the Switch as well.

Press Start has learned that the Switch version will have a feature that enables players to enjoy the game with their friends. The feature is called Online Friendlies, and it will allow anyone to invite their friends from a list and even track their rivals through a five-match season, both in FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team.

“FIFA 19” is also coming to older-generation consoles. Yep, the game isn’t just launching on the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC; it is also coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An EA representative has confirmed this bit to Polygon.

The fact that EA is developing “FIFA 19” for the two consoles is great news to many fans. Microsoft and Sony ended production of the dated gaming more than a year ago, but many owners are still content with their devices and not feeling the urge to upgrade. By releasing “FIFA 19” on Xbox 360 and PS3, more players will be given access to the game.

“FIFA 19” is going to feature the UEFA Champions League. During its conference, EA confirmed that the upcoming game will have the official Champions League license. Hence, there is going to be a tournament mode for the Champions League. In the story mode, Alex Hunter can take on the Champions League. Plus, the tournament will be incorporated into FIFA Ultimate Team, according to Eurogamer.

The announcement that “FIFA 19” will feature the Champions League comes after UEFA confirmed the end of its long-running partnership with Konami, which exclusively used the license for its “Pro Evolution Soccer” series, as pointed out by GameSpot.

“FIFA 19” is set to arrive on Sept. 28. However, those who preorder the Champions Edition will be given access to the game three days before its official release.

EA has announced “FIFA 19” at E3 2018. Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach