BONN (Commodity Online): As excitement mounts over the ongoing World Cup in Johannesburg, more than 2,000 residents formerly without access to electricity can plug into the soccer competition at 36 solar-operated television viewing points that SolarWorld has installed in remote African villages.

The solar manufacturer's Sun-TV project enables more fans in Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa to participate in the mega-event taking place on their own continent. Long term, the stations also can present educational media - for instance, information about HIV.

Our Sun-TV viewing points show what you can do with solar technology, says Frank H. Asbeck, chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG. For many people in Africa, it is the first real opportunity to participate. For us in the industrialized world, clean solar energy from our own roofs will be a natural part of our overall energy supply in the future.

The solar-operated facilities are located in village squares or integrated into facilities such as community centers or churches. SolarWorld's high-performance solar panels power the viewing points, which are equipped with DVD players. Each can receive sports, children's and educational programs via satellite. (Businesswire)