President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump is not the only first daughter who influences her father’s decisions. However, she is the first one to have been allotted an office in the White House. Ivanka Trump's West Wing office is adjacent to one of Trump's most trusted senior advisers, which was allotted to her last month. The first daughter was also granted official national security clearance and a government issued cellphone, her lawyer had confirmed.

"Having an adult child of the president who is actively engaged in the work of the administration is new ground," Jamie Gorelickk told Politico then referring to Ivanka Trump, who would be the president's "eyes and ears."

Gorelick added: "Our view is that the conservative approach is for Ivanka to voluntarily comply with the rules that would apply if she were a government employee, even though she is not."

Her appointment in the White House has faced flak from critiques, who believe it violates the nepotism laws. The law, passed in 1967, states that "no public official from the president down to a low-level manager at a federal agency may hire or promote a relative." However, the law had an exception, which said that any employee violating the law is "not entitled to be paid" by the federal government. This exception appears to provide the opportunity to Ivanka Trump to be an unpaid employee while serving in the government.

Recently Ivanka, who was visiting Germany to attend the women’s summit, organized by a group of 20 major economies in Berlin, was booed by the audience on April 25, after she described her father as a "tremendous champion of supporting families" and added that she was continuously making efforts to fit into her first daughter and informal White House adviser's role.

GettyImages-672825434 Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, walks among stellae at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, also called the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany, April 25, 2017. Photo: Getty Images

Trump’s son, Eric Trump also recently confirmed that Ivanka played a major role in the president’s decision to launch an airstrike on a Syrian airbase, in retaliation to the chemical weapons attack by Syrian President Bashar Assad. “Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said: ‘Listen, this is horrible stuff,’” Donald Trump’s son told the Telegraph. “My father will act in times like that.”

Ivanka is not the only first daughter who has influenced the president and left her mark in the White House's history.

Stacey A. Cordery, the author of "Alice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker," a biography of Alice Roosevelt, the eldest child of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, said she has never seen any of the first daughters to have played such a powerful and embedded role as Ivanka Trump.

Alice Roosevelt, a rebel in her teenage years, smoked cigarettes that she sneaked in defying her father’s stricture against women smoking. As she grew older, Alice transformed into a glamorous fashionista. She represented her father on a five-country tour in Asia in 1905, when Roosevelt was in the midst of mediations with Japan and Russia.

She might not have sold handbags like the Trump daughter, but Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter did sell cigarettes after she set up her salon in Georgetown after her husband, Nicholas Longworth, died. A friend of Alice's stepmother Edith Kermit Carow described Alice as “like a young wild animal that had been put into good clothes.”

However, Maureen Reagan, daughter of President Ronald Reagan with his first wife, Jane Wyman, might be the most influential of them all.

Mermie, as Reagan liked to call her, stayed at the White House for a lion’s share of her father’s eight years as President. She had strong opinions on women's issues, which she passed on to her father. She was also an active entity in the party politics.

RTRKPOD Maureen Reagan (R), the daughter of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and actress Jane Wyman, has returned to a northern California hospital as doctors battle cancer that has spread to her brain, her family said in a statement, July 13, 2001. Photo: Reuters

First daughter and singer Margaret Truman was criticized by Paul Hume of the Washington Post for her performance at Constitution Hall in 1950, following which Hume received a direct threat from President Harry S. Truman himself, on White House stationary, “Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!”

RTR1WG0S Former U.S. President Harry S. Truman (R), his wife Bess Truman (C) and his daughter Margaret Truman are seen in a 1951 photo from the U.S. National Archives. Photo: REUTERS/National Archives

Margaret Woodrow Wilson, the eldest daughter of President Woodrow Wilson, was also singer. She took over the role of the first lady when her mother, Ellen Louise Axon, died in 1914. She along with her sisters lobbied for their father to support the 12th amendment and backed him in support of voting rights for women.

GettyImages-3305397 Margaret Wilson (1886 - 1944), eldest daughter of the 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson. Photo: Getty Images