Ice Fishing Video
Fishing Under Ice Video by Finnish group Juuso Mettälä

At first glance, the video Fishing under Ice appears to show divers walking and fishing on the floor of a lake - that is until you see that the air bubbles are actually traveling downwards.

SPOILER ALERT: Watch the video before reading on.

Shot below the ice of a Lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland, the viral video has baffled viewers with its otherworldly quality.

For instance, a diver takes a rest by sitting in a hole with his feet dangling into what seems to be a big pool of water. Another diver pours water into a wheelbarrow while yet another shovels things into a bucket - all to the viewer's utter confusion.

Only when viewer cues in to the fact that the divers are actually walking upside down on the frozen surface of the lake does the video start to make sense.

The water that is poured into the wheelbarrow is in fact air, the sitting man's feet are dangling above the surface of the lake, and the balloon that floats away at the end is actually sinking.

There's one thing missing in the footage: fish - though you could argue the entire video is a red herring.

Diving under icy lakes is a popular sport in Finland and the video is featured prominently on the Dive Club of the Oulu Aquarians Association.

Many speculate that the Finnish men in the video are wearing drysuits that are insulated with air. As such, their buoyancy would become the analogue to gravity and they would simply orient themselves to stand on the ice with the help of ankle weights.

Eelis Rankka plays the fisherman, Tommi Salminen plays the fisherman's friend, and Jukka Pelttari plays the boy with the balloon. Collectively, they are known as Juuso Mettälä - a Finish underwater Blue Man Group of sorts.

Another video posted a few months back called Human Balloon shows the divers fooling around under ice upside down with even more balloons.

Camera trickery aside, both videos are mesmerizing: