When most people think about a healthy lifestyle, either associations of heavy weights and protein or meditation and vegetables come to mind; the uneducated public typically has this one sided view of health. While it is easy to fall for this trap if one takes their cues from the media, movies, or influencers pushing the popular health trend of the moment, this mindset is incomplete and counterproductive. Marco Laterza is the professional health coach bridging the gap between these two views of health.

Laterza has built a successful brand helping his clients focus on maintaining as well as improving their physical and mental health. Laterza knows that in order to live a truly sustainable and holistic healthy lifestyle, one must not focus on their physical health at the expense of their mental health or vice versa. Laterza helps educate his clients, disprove some commonly held myths about the industry, as well as works with them closely to motivate them and monitor their success.

Mogul Marco
Mogul Marco Mogul Marco

For most of his life, Laterza held a highly competitive position as a client advisor for wealthy private clients at a major Swiss bank. During this time, Laterza became all too familiar with the ups and downs of working in an intense corporate environment. Further, Laterza quickly experienced the difficulties one goes through while attempting to maintain any sort of healthy lifestyle, physical or mental, with professional obligations as such.

However, with dedication, commitment, and the proper understanding of the need for holistic health, Laterza eventually figured out how to not only maintain his physical and mental health while keeping his corporate job, but he actually figured out how to improve his physical and mental health in that environment. Starting by completing elite training courses on holidays and weekends, Laterza’s physical training abilities -- the proof of which is his own body as well as his client testimonials -- would eventually land him on the covers of over 21 fitness magazines. Recalling the mental toll this took, especially when he was maintaining his corporate day job, Laterza quickly doubled down on his mental health knowledge and coaching abilities despite finding rapid success in the physical training vertical.

Now Laterza is completely self-employed, focusing on his clients reach their physical and mental health goals in a sustainable and holistic way, full time. While Laterza’s services are valuable to any human who wants to center their health, they are even more necessary now with the plethora of negative health externalities since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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