In a case that seems like an episode of Doogie Howser come-to-life, a Florida teenager has been arrested for impersonating a physicians assistant in a major hospital.

Matthew Scheidt, 17, of St. Cloud was arrested on Friday and charged with five counts of impersonating a physicians assistant at the Osceola Regional Medical Center Emergency Room.

Although it is unclear as to how many patients Scheidt attended to during his time at the hospital, police said he had a number of hands-on experiences with sick and even critical patients.

He changed bandages. There was one report where he did a physical examination on some disrobed male patients. There's a report where he possibly did chest compressions for about five minutes to a cardiac patient, Stacie Miller, a public information officer for the Kissimmee Police Department, told The Orlando Sentinel.

Scheidt had reportedly told hospital personnel that he was 23 years old and affiliated with a physician's assistant program at Nova Southeastern University. He apparently knew of the hospital from working as a part-time billing clerk for a local group of surgeons.

When Scheidt applied for a hospital ID badge, he told personnel that he had worked as a physician's assistant for Surgical Management Group and needed a new badge because the company had changed its name to Osceola Surgical Associates, according to the arrest report.

In another gutsy move, Scheidt allegedly said he was an undercover deputy sheriff working on a top-secret investigation when he was confronted by an inquiring staff member.

At this point, officers have been unable to discover Scheidt's motive for impersonating a hospital worker.

Scheidt is being held in a juvenile detention center. Although each of the five charges against him is a third-degree felony, Miller said his potential penalty if convicted is uncertain since his case will be handled in juvenile court.