Breacher (Danny Trejo) returns in this week’s episode of “The Flash.” But will his daughter Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) also make a re-appearance before Season 4 ends?

TVLine confirmed Monday that Camacho is set to reprise her role on the CW series at the latter part of the current season. While the actress’ comeback episode remains unclear, series star Carlos Valdes recently suggested that his character Cisco will be reunited with his girlfriend Gypsy in Season 4, episode 20.

“Some of the problems that they encounter in the 20th episode of our fourth season are very analogous to the problems that many couples in a long-distance relationship experience in the real world,” Valdes told Entertainment Weekly when asked what’s in store for the couple when the viewers see them again together onscreen. “That was very challenging to play, but it definitely represents a head, it represents a sort of open to complications between Cisco and Gypsy in their relationship, so that’s super interesting.”

Valdes revealed that one of the problems Cisco and Gypsy are going to face comes forth when Cisco gets a job offer from Breacher. “It’s actually very difficult for them because Breacher gives Cisco an offer; he offers him a job on Earth-19 as a breacher,” Valdes told Entertainment Weekly. “And so in the wake of that, Cisco has to weigh that prospect against his loyalties to Team Flash in Central City on Earth-1. That choice sort of brings up some feelings regarding where he stands with his relationship with Gypsy. And it actually complicates the long-distance relationship.”

Gypsy was last seen as a hologram in Season 4, episode 9. She last appeared in the flesh in Season 4, episode 4, in which Cisco met her father for the first time and learned that her real name is Cynthia.

Camacho currently plays the series regular role of Santana in Season 2 of the NBC action thriller “Taken,” and that explains why “The Flash” fans only get to see the actress on the superhero series once in a while.

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“The Flash” returns from its month-long hiatus on Tuesday, April 10 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.