• A Michigan woman filed a $10,000 lawsuit against a man who stood her up on a date
  • She allegedly suffered "emotional distress" as the date fell on her late mother's birthday
  • A judge has ordered for the case to be moved to circuit court

Flint, Michigan -- A local woman has sued a man for thousands of dollars after he stood her up on a date.

Flint native QaShontae Short filed the $10,000 lawsuit against Richard Jordan over a date they had back in 2020.

Jordan deliberately and intentionally hurt Short when he did not show up to their date, court documents obtained by TMZ showed.

The date also caused Short to experience "emotional distress" since it fell on her late mother's birthday, she claimed.

Both Short and Jordan appeared in a recent court hearing, where the latter was asked by Judge Herman Marable Jr. if he would be representing himself in the civil case.

"To be honest with you sir, I thought this was going to get thrown out. We went on one date — one date — and now I’m being sued for $10,000. I don’t think this is going to go any further, and I think it’s a waste of your time," Jordan replied during the Zoom hearing, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

Short ended up arguing with Marable during the online call, with the plaintiff yelling about the definition of perjury.

"Please do not insult my intelligence, do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I don’t understand what perjury means," Short said.

Marable later ordered Short to be muted during the hearing. He also ordered for Short's case, which has already been booted from the district court, to be moved to circuit court.

She must now pay all the fees and expenses for the transfer within 56 days, or the circuit court will not hear her case and it will be dismissed, a report by the Daily Mail said.

Jordan will end up on the better side of this incident, defense attorney Todd Perkins, who is not part of the case, said.

"Our hearts go out to him, I think he will get some good dates off his patience dealing with this. Maybe he would use a bad situation for some good," he added.

Short has a history of filing failed lawsuits, including several in 2020 against the Flint Police Department for $300 million and telecommunications giant AT&T.

Representation. QaShontae Short, who sued a man $10,000 for not showing up on a date, argued with a judge during a recent hearing over the definition of perjury. OpenRoadPR/Pixabay