Daycare Center
In this photo, a mother sits next to her three-year-old daughter on a park bench as the girl drinks orange juice in Berlin, Germany, Sept. 16, 2012. Getty Images/ Adam Berry

When dropping off their child at daycare, parents expect they will be well cared for until it’s time to pick them up later. What they don’t expect is for one of the daycare workers to get physical with the children in order to keep them in line.

This is exactly what happened at a daycare in Florida, and the worker responsible is now facing the repercussions.

Katherine Weitz is the person in question for this case, being arrested and charged with felony child abuse. The now-former Dream City Academy worker’s actions were discovered by her manager who discovered Weitz harming the children on security footage.

According to the police, the manager started to suspect something was wrong when they heard the toddlers crying. That’s when they checked the security footage and discovered Weitz activities, such as smacking children who had trouble napping.

Weitz was promptly arrested by the Ormond Beach Police Department. She had only been working as a full-time employee at the Dream City Academy for three days when this was discovered.

“There was shaking (and) a couple of kids being smacked during nap time,” Ormond Beach Police Officer Keith Walker told ABC affiliate WFTV9. “Some of the kids, she palmed the back of their heads with her hands and pushed them to face forward in their cots.”

Dream City Academy and police confirmed that Weitz had also passed a background check when she was hired. She is currently out on a $30,000 bond with an arraignment hearing scheduled for Tuesday.