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  • A Florida student wrote shooting threats on the messaging app Snapchat, police said
  • He was charged with three counts of making written threats to kill or conduct a mass shooting
  • The minor was also charged with a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

A 13-year-old boy in Florida is facing charges after he threatened to shoot three of his classmates as well as his school, police announced Wednesday.

Colton Herring, a seventh-grade student at Trinity Christian Academy in Deltona, was arrested Monday night, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said in a statement posted on Facebook.

Witnesses said the minor wrote threats on the online messaging service Snapchat, including "I got 32 rounds for u [sic]" and "I got a hollow point wit ur [sic] name on it," according to police.

A hollow-point bullet is a type of bullet that is designed to expand upon impacting its target, which can result in a more lethal hit without the projectile over-penetrating.

"During a group Snapchat video chat, witnesses reported he threatened to shoot up his school. In another video, they said he held a gun to another student's head. He also sent a photo of himself holding a black pistol while sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle," the police statement read.

Herring was charged with three counts of making written threats to kill or conduct a mass shooting as well as a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to police.

Herring's parents initially refused to allow a search of their home along Debary Avenue. Detectives returned with a search warrant Tuesday afternoon, and they were able to seize several guns and rounds of ammunition from the residence.

Authorities ended up finding two handguns in the garage, while a rifle and shotgun were discovered in the trunk of a car. Detectives also found a six-round magazine in the drawer of a dresser in Herring's bedroom.

Ammunition was also found in the residence's master bedroom as well as in and around a home office cabinet that had been pried open.

Police did not disclose in their statement if the firearms belonged to Herring.

Herring was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice after being transported to the Volusia Family Resource Center.

His arrest happened two days before the 10-year anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

In a similar story, a former Olympic boxer in Florida was arrested after he was accused of planning a mass shooting at a gym.

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