Fly High Gaby began trending on Twitter on Thursday night in honor of former Penn State student Garbriella Sicard, who died on Wednesday from injuries sustained in a car crash.

Sicard, a 19-year old student at Penn State, lost control of her Honda Civic while driving on Interstate 80 on Tuesday afternoon and saw her car go off the side of the road. She was taken to Altoona Regional Health System with major injuries before succumbing on Wednesday. She was a liberal arts major and played club lacrosse at Penn State.

According to one of Sicard's friends, her dream was to one day trend worldwide on Twitter. Her friends started tweeting at celebrities such as Taylor Swift and the Jersey Shore's Snooki with the hashtag Fly High Gaby.

#FlyHighGaby quickly became a trending topic in the United States on Thursday night and continued to be heavily retweeted out on Friday morning.

At around 3 a.m. on Friday morning, #FlyHighGaby became the number one global trend, but that hasn't stopped thousands of Twitter users around the world from continuing to tweet out the hashtag.

A user named kissmegoodnight wrote on Tumblr: a PSU (penn state university)student has recently passed away and her dream was to be a trend on twitter... so please, from the bottom of my heart help make this girls dream come true! go on or make one and tweet or retweet #flyhighgaby ! thankyou :*

For an idea on what an amazing girl Sicard was, one of her friends put together a touching video of past photos of the inspiring girl.