Fordham University students are having a fit over their birth control. Students have organized an off-campus clinic in response to a reportedly new school policy that prohibits the sale of contraceptives on campus.

Our insurance is required by law to cover birth control but students have to travel off campus to Planned Parenthood or other doctors to receive a prescription, said Bridgette Dunlap, a member of Fordham Law Students for Reproductive Justice, reported the New York Daily News. The university website makes it clear that students should be able to get contraceptives on campus.

The Insurer is required by law to offer this coverage and pay the covered percentage of the covered charges for contraceptive drugs and devices, according to the policy online. However, students have said they have been turned away when they try to receive forms of birth control.

However, Fordham University is in fact a private Catholic institution. While administration conceded that their police online could be made clearer, they said their written policy is explicit when it comes to this issue.

Fordham is a Catholic university and follows church teachings on reproductive issues. We're sure that our students are well aware of Fordham's Jesuit, Catholic identity: it is central to our mission, and is featured prominently on our website and in our publications, Fordham University director of communications Bob Howe said in a statement, according to Fox News. We do not offer reproductive health services through the Student Health Center (though birth control is covered under the students' insurance plan). The actual student health insurance policy is very explicit about what is and isn't covered, including coverage of birth control, he said.