Forest City Ratner revealed on Thursday renderings of a 32-story residential tower that will abut the Barclays Arena at Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn.

Designed by SHoP Architects, the structure will be the tallest prefabricated steel building in the world. By assembling parts of the building off-site, the developer hopes to save on time and construction costs, and other buildings in the complex will be built in the same way. However, such practice could cut down on the number of construction jobs created by the building.

The entire Atlantic Yards project, which will include a new basketball arena for the Nets, will cost $4.9 billion. It attracted much controversy during the planning and approval phase, with local residents opposing the development for its bulk and demolition of existing buildings. Former workers also recently filed a lawsuit against Forest City Ratner, saying they were promised union positions for taking a course with the company, but never were hired..

A previous design for Atlantic Yards had been planned by Frank Gehry, architect of the shimmering steel tower at 8 Spruce Street, also built by Forest City Ratner. But the plan was scrapped following the downturn, and SHoP took over.

Renderings by SHoP Architects.