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French Montana and Khloe Kardashian are reportedly no longer an item, amid rumors that he was using her for her fame. But it turns out they may have been using each other and their relationship was just for the cameras. Montana was paid a fee for his guest appearances on “Keeping Up With the Kardashains” by the E! network after Kris Jenner, Khloe’s mother and manager, worked out a deal with the rapper, according to reports.

“The way that the Kardashians’ [show] is set up is very unusual. It’s the only show that I know of where a producer can say, ‘Here’s the cast and this is what they’re getting paid,’” a source told the Daily News. “Usually to add a cast member to a show, you’d have to fire a cast member to keep the budget balanced. But in this case, Kris just offered French Montana a check to be in the show. He’s expensive, and some people at E! just don’t think he’s worth the money. I’ve heard execs moaning about it, saying, ‘We’re just paying so much for him!’"

For months, it’s been alleged that family and friends were concerned French Montana was just using Khloe to boost his popularity. They unofficially began dating several months ago after being introduced by rap mogul P. Diddy.

“[They] are very skeptical of him. They think he's using Khloe for fame,” a source told Us Weekly in July.

Friends of the rapper also said they thought he was using Khloe. “He's eager to sit at the cool kids' table and has been trying to get close to people he thinks are popular. Being with Khloe means everyone knows who French is now, so he's getting a lot out of it,” a friend of his told the publication.

The two began dating in March, just months after Kardashian, 30, filed for divorce from NBA player Lamar Odom. The two married four years ago after a 30-day courtship. In November, Odom admitted in a bizarre rap video to cheating on Kardashian. In August, he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence.