Fresh tornadoes killed at least four people in Oklahoma and two in Kansas, officials said on Tuesday, reported Reuters.

Deputy Director of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management Michaelann Ooten confirmed four deaths in Oklahoma in Canadian County, west of Oklahoma City.

There are more than 60 injuries and 58,000 people are without power, Ooten said.

In Kansas, two people died near the town of St. John, state emergency management spokeswoman Sharon Watson said, the report stated.

Steve Moody, the fire chief for St. John, told Reuters: A family driving down Highway 281 pulled into a driveway and that was exactly where the tornado came through. A large diameter tree fell on the car, killing two.

Two days after a giant tornado ripped through the heart of Joplin, Missouri, killing more than 120 people, a new round of tornadoes began. Its known to be the deadliest single tornado in the United States in some 64 years.