Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist who has a habit of pointing out scientific inaccuracies in Hollywood, recently commented on the “Frozen 2” poster. After pointing out the problem with the picture, he told Disney that there is still time to “fix” the error before the film is released.

Tyson shared a poster of the film on Twitter and compared it to the first “Frozen” film. The astrophysicist pointed out that water crystals have hexagonal “six-fold” symmetry, and he added that Disney got it right in the first animation flick.

Since Disney has already established how water behaves in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, Tyson wants to see the same laws of physics to apply in the sequel. The astrophysicist wrote that water can behave differently in the sequel only if it is set in a different world, where the laws of physics behave differently.

For people who are wondering why Tyson is so particular about the laws of physics in “Frozen 2,” a film that has a talking snowman, the astrophysicist explained in another tweet that he doesn’t care about films breaking the laws of physics as long as they are consistent with the laws in the fictional world they build.

So, the talking snowman and frozen trolls are not a problem as long as they follow a set of rules. Tyson shared a set of movie stills from the first film and showed 10 percent of the volume of the ice blocks floating above the water, which is consistent with the laws of physics.

The pictures Tyson shared were from the opening scene of the 2013 movie, and the astrophysicist said that the scene proves that someone at Disney cares about the laws of physics. He hoped to see the same commitment in the sequel, and he said the studio still has time to fix the problem before the film is released.

“Frozen 2” will be released on Nov. 22.

Frozen Christmas Eve 2017 “Frozen” is one of many family friendly flicks on TV during Christmas Eve. Photo: Disney