Unpopular owners - Manchester United fans hold banners calling for their team's owners, the Glazer family, to leave the club, during a Premier League match against Leicester at Old Trafford
Manchester United fans hold banners calling for current owners, the Glazer family, to sell their stakes in the club. AFP


  • Sources say that Manchester United owners, the Glazer family, are not rushing to sell the club
  • Qatar's Sheikh Jassim and Manchester-born Sir Jim Ratcliffe are the prospective buyers
  • Manchester United only has three games left on their schedule

Manchester United is on the cusp of capping off an improbable season marked by success across the board should they win the FA Cup Final against bitter rival Manchester City.

However, the nearly season-long saga of the impending sale of the team has been the only thing most fans have been talking about–though they may have to hold their expectations for the next few weeks.

ESPN's Rob Dawson reported that the current owners, the Glazer family, are considering a delay in the sale until the entire soccer season comes to an end according to their sources.

As to why the family would want to hold off on finally acquiescing to the fans' long-time desires, Dawson offered up one major reason.

"One of the reasons for the delay, according to one source, is that the Glazers are still trying to come to an agreement about their future with United, particularly because Joel and Avram Glazer are reluctant to give up their stake," he wrote.

The sale is now only down to two big names–Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar and Manchester, England's very own Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

As previously reported here on the International Business Times, the former crown prince recently submitted a bid worth about £5.5 billion ($6.8 billion) to entice the Glazers to sell all of the stakes they have and make him the sole owner of the storied club.

Moreover, Sheikh Jassim reportedly offered to clear the £1 billion ($1.3 billion) debt that they have accrued in the past few seasons.

At first glance, this appears to be the best move for Manchester United's current owners if they want to cash out now and fade away from the fans' consciousness expeditiously.

On the other side of the fence though, Ratcliffe is offering a much more lucrative, long-term option for both Joel and Avram Glazer.

It is believed that Ratcliffe's offer will only see him own 50% of the club and allow the brothers to have 20% ownership that they can sell down the line whenever they are ready.

To most supporters, allowing any semblance of the old regime to remain present is an unwelcome sight due to the perceived mismanagement of the club that they blame for the lack of success the Red Devils have had in recent seasons most especially; potentially leading to more protests and demonstrations by the fans.

There is reason for the Glazers to hold out at least until the end of the season since Manchester United only has three games left on their schedule for the 2022-23 soccer season including two English Premier League matches against Chelsea on Friday, May 26 and Fulham two days later plus the aforementioned FA Cup Final.

With the longtime Premier League squad on the cusp of securing a UEFA Champions League spot for next season, this sale will determine who decides the future of the Red Devils.

Jim Ratcliffe
Ineos owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe. UtdActive/Twitter