“There is one thing we say to death. Not today.” Master sword fighter Syrio Forel’s wisecrack in the first season of popular TV series, “Game of Thrones,” made Miltos Yerolemou’s short role — as Arya Stark’s sword instructor — in the show memorable.

Forel died in the eighth episode but her student, who got to hear the wisecrack during one of the training sessions, has turned out to become one of the strongest characters in the television adaptation of epic fantasy novel, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” authored by show producer George R R Martin. Its seventh season premiered last week. Like Arya, most lead characters on the wildly unpredictable show have defied death more than once.

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With a devoted fan base of millions across the world, “Game of Thrones” has its loyalists hooked for the penultimate season as the contenders to the Iron Throne get further embroiled in the power struggle. While the Harvard University may soon be getting a humanities course based on the saga, it has also inspired a research predicting the death of the lead characters using machine learning methods.

In the research, author Milán Janosov used the show’s subtitles, collected in dialogue format on a fan website, as the data source.

“We have a set of 94 characters interesting enough to care about. All of them are described by seven different network-based features which proxy for different dimensions of their social importance. We also know which of the characters have already died (61 of them),” the analysis published by Central European University ’s Center for Network Science (CNS) says.

Janosov predicted the fate of characters by quantifying their social interaction patterns using the tools of network science. According to CNS, network science is fast emerging as a scientific discipline that examines network links encountered every day as it explains the effect of these interconnections at a larger scale.

The analysis that relates network position of the characters in the show to their possibility of survival suggests the "Mother of Dragons," Daenerys, who is also one of the last confirmed members of House Targaryen, may die soon. Curiously, Daenerys, who believes in fair play, has been the most popular character from the show on YouTube, a recent article published by Adweek revealed.

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Meanwhile, the inscrutable Tyrion Lannister — also known for his wisecracks on the show — is in a comparatively safer position. And so is Jon Snow who had a dramatic revival in the last season. Audience’s love for Jon Snow — played by Kit Harington — probably prompted the show makers to revive the character after he was killed by his own men at the Night’s Watch. Shrewd Cersei Lannister, currently sitting at the Iron Throne, her former confidante Lord Baelish — also known as Littlefinger — and Arya are also safe, the algorithm predicts.

The show — that has claimed multiple awards over the past seven years — is also claimed to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever made. The production of an hour-long episode costs $6 million on an average.